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Esteem Therapy, LLC

Esteem Therapy Guiding Principles

  • To provide a safe space for individuals to discover their authentic selves

  • To be respectful, compassionate, and nonjudgmental

  • To encourage the expression of thoughts, feelings, and needs

  • To encourage the creation of healthy boundaries with self and others

  • To support vulnerability and encourage nonjudgmental stance with self

  • To promote healthy esteem through learning to improve self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-responsibility

  • To guide recovery by teaching healthy skills and healthy lifestyle changes


Thank-you for taking the time to visit my website and learn about what Esteem Therapy can offer you. My hope is to help you discover your value, learn how to create positive change, and break free from suffering.

Are you feeling paralyzed by anxiety?
Do you feel trapped by stories that convince you that you are not good enough?
Do symptoms of anxiety and feelings of hopelessness keep you attached to eating disorder behaviors that you want so desperately to escape?
Do you struggle to have your voice and to make yourself a priority?
Do you worry about what others think about you?
Do you often feel guilt and or shame?
Do you avoid revealing your true self and hide behind a mask for fear of judgment?
Are you struggling to break free from anxiety or eating disorder symptoms?
Are you feeling discouraged because you have not been able to create lasting change?

Answering yes to any of these questions reveals you are making a good choice exploring therapy.

It can be hard to reach out for help. It can feel scary to tell your story and be vulnerable. You may have been suffering in silence for a long time.

I am happy you are here.
It takes courage to admit you need help.

I would like to help you create a better quality of life. I am confident that together we can develop a treatment plan that can help you achieve your desired mental health goals. I would like to guide you in discovering your authentic, beautiful self so you are able to separate from a disorder that is harming you. Healthy esteem allows you to take yourself by the hand and to never let go on this journey to your recovery.

Reach out today and discover how I can help!

Esteem Therapy, LLC
Esteem Therapy, LLC

My Vision

To support clients on their journey to recovery and creating a better quality of life. My intention is to provide a safe place for you to open your heart, share your story and help you to create treatment goals that will guide you to recovery and healthy esteem.

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