Body Image Issues

Esteem Therapy, LLC

Body image issues present as having unrealistic body ideals leading to comparing yourself to unrealistic societal standards. Body image issues are often co-occurring with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-loathing, and unhealthy self-esteem. Developing a dislike or distain for your body leads to ongoing suffering because you rarely feel like you are good enough.

  • How often do you compare yourself to others?
  • Do you have mean and critical thoughts about your body that leave you feeling frustrated, sad, and less than?
  • Do you avoid doing social activities for fear of being judged for how you look?
  • Do you avoid looking in mirrors?
  • Or do you fixate on areas of your body in the mirror because you are unhappy with how you look?
  • How often are you feeling insecure because you are unhappy with your body?

Individuals with poor body image have stated they do not feel attractive enough, pretty enough, muscular enough. Negative body image convinces you that you have little or no value. Body image issues lead to preoccupation with attempting to improve body shape, weight, size, or appearance. Preoccupation with needing to “fix” or improve how you look distracts from opportunities to feel joy and satisfaction in present moments.

You cannot have healthy esteem if you do not have a healthy body image. You cannot continue to criticize what you look like and enjoy your life.

If you are suffering with negative body image reach out and discover how Esteem Therapy can help.