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Trauma is the response to a deeply upsetting or disturbing event that interferes with the ability to cope. Individuals who have trauma report feeling helpless, lacking in confidence, a damaged sense of self and feeling removed from their full range of emotions. Trauma can be experienced as feeling a loss of control, betrayed, abused, emotionally pained, confused and intense sense of loss.

Trauma can result from an overwhelmingly negative occurrence that causes a lasting impact on mental and emotional functioning. Causes of trauma include sexual assault, domestic violence, serious illness or injury, death or loss of a loved one, witnessing violence, natural disaster.

Are you feeling restless, on edge, unable to regulate intense emotions?

Do you have difficulty staying focused and often feel confused or overwhelmed?

Do you avoid talking about painful emotions and or memories associated with an experienced traumatic event?

Do you feel frightened and disempowered most of the time?

If you are suffering due to unresolved trauma, therapy can help.

You are not alone.

Healing from trauma is possible.

Reach out today and discover how Esteem Therapy can help.